Wednesday, February 2, 2011

House projects...

Sometimes owning a home that is 111 years old, can be a pain. Everything is old, the wiring, the plumbing, the windows, etc...and often, old things get tired and worn out. But, I strongly believe that the joys of a home with history are far greater than a new home. Take today for example. I've been longing to free the hardware in our house from the layers and layers of paint they were hiding beneath. Today we finally took the plunge.

By plunge, I mean, we removed all the door knobs, plates, pulls, locks and hinges and dropped them into a boiling mixture of Super Baking Soda detergent and water and let them simmer for about an hour. What this process revealed has left me giddy!!

Old door minus plate and knob. 

Hot caldron of gross. 

the magic potion.

It would appear that our homes original hardware (circa 1900) was a japanned finish. A beautiful combination of black and copper. The years of being painted over have taken a toll on some of the plates but overall...very exciting discovery! 

Original interior and front door plates - latches in brass from the bathroom. 

Thick layer of paint that I peeled off a plate. 

Far left is the front door. 

The most exciting discovery of the day has to be the window hardware. They were so covered in paint, I had no idea how intricate and beautiful they would be. 

Mid paint removal process. 

Window hardware, front row. 


How could someone ever paint over these!?! What a fun day!


  1. wow! what a great feeling I bet, uncovering all that beautiful-ness!! It is just stunning (like you said!)

  2. Wow, awesome work Marisa. They are amazing, just like you. xo